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Ocean Brands

Ocean's products are developed under the strictest quality assurance programs in the industry. Combined with our deep-rooted relationships to the best processors in the Pacific Rim and Alaska, the rigid quality control measures we apply embody our commitment to quality that has made Ocean's a leading supplier of premium seafood worldwide.

Over the past five years, Ocean's has become an industry leader in the sustainable management of its operations. In 2008, the company implemented two core strategies to bolster its approach, including the development of a Green Group and a fully audited carbon footprint to reduce environmental impacts and maximize efficiencies wherever possible.

Ocean's has an obligation to protect our environment for future generations. We ensure that our waters are harvested using responsible methods by sourcing wild salmon from MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified fisheries based in Canada and Alaska. Additionally, our policy is to procure tuna from regions that are fished at sustainable levels and to work closely with suppliers to ensure dolphin friendly fishing methods are implemented at all times.


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