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Harlan Bakeries

Harlan Bakeries - Edmonton produces pie and tart shell dough products and was established in 1978. It was acquired by Harlan Bakeries on May 25, 2011. We strive to deliver maximum performance in quality, cost and service in an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion. Our state of the art plant stresses safety for our employees and food safety for our customers.

Unsweetened dough can be used for both sweet and savory applications. From fruit pies to quiche to meat pies, there are endless recipes that can be created with just one pie or tart shell sku. Sweet dough makes your individual fruit pies, cream pies, butter tarts, etc. that much more delectable.

Only the finest ingredients are used to produce a light, mouthwatering taste of homemade pastry. All products are made with a unique vegetable oil base versus an animal fat base (lard). Secure packaging helps to ensure the product is delivered without damages. You can count on receiving the same quality product day in and day out. Various formats and formulations are available in sizes ranging from 2" to 10".


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